About Me

You probably want to know what kind of anti-Semitic, Nazi loving SOB I am. But I’m not going to tell you. I will tell you I’m not anti-Semitic because I really like a lot of real Semitic people like Palestinians. I’m not a Nazi either – I hated the bastards in my last life.

The Zionist Jews have set up a situation where anyone that criticizes anything the Jews do is labeled. It is by design. They have brainwashed Americans into groveling at their feet. They have subverted America and they are in the process of destroying us as an independent self sufficient nation.

The Rothschild family are the King of Jews in the modern world. They hide their wealth and power behind many groups, corporations, boards, and especially international organizations. Some call this organization a New World Order. But I call it the Jew World Order because that is what it is. It is their idea. Their money. Their organization. You might have chumps like Bush, Cheney, Obama and Biden that do their bidding but it is the Zionist Jews that run the show – and what a show it is.

I plan to write about many different aspects of the Jew World Order. The US government is basically a Zionist occupied government or ZOG. I’d like to thank Jeff Rense for inspiring me to look into the truth about the Jews. Others that influenced me were Rumormills and Henry Makow.

Jews are not all bad people but they are led by very bad people. They tend to support them because Jews are brainwashed from their early years about how special they are and the world hates them because of that. The real reason most educated people dislike Jews is because of what they do – not who they are.

I’d especially like to thank the Jews for 9/11. I really appreciate that.


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